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Hao-wei Tsao

Hao-wei Tsao

Dr. Michael is the proud owner of Sweet Space Dental Clinic, a premier dental facility in Taiwan that offers top-notch services to patients. Dr. Michael leads a team of twenty skilled dentists and five dental technicians, who utilize 15 CEREC Omnicams, 15 MCXL milling units, 2 MCX5 milling units, and 8 ceramic ovens, including 3 Speedfires, to provide high-quality dental restorations.

Sweet Space Dental Clinic is well-equipped with advanced technology such as the Galileos CT and Orthophos CT, which are routinely used in conjunction with SICAT virtual facebow for full-mouth rehabilitations. The clinic has ten dental chairs and manages an average of 500 CEREC restorations every month. Dr. Michael personally placed over 5000 individual CEREC restorations in 2018.

Dr. Michael’s passion for digital dentistry led him to establish the CEREC Asia Training Center, the only Dentsply-Sirona-certified training facility in Asia. As a CEREC beta tester and the primary lecturer, Dr. Michael and his team of dentists are ardent supporters of digital dentistry education. The CEREC Asia Training Center focuses on clinical techniques and hands-on workshops and has had over 1000 dental professionals attend 100 sessions over the past two years.

Dr. Michael is dedicated to providing high-quality dental treatment to patients. With years of experience in clinical dentistry and a commitment to ongoing education and improvement, he frequently travels to other countries to give lectures and exchange knowledge with other dental professionals.

Dr. Michael is an expert in digital dentistry and is skilled in dental implants, full-mouth reconstruction, anterior aesthetics, and more. He patiently listens to each patient’s needs and offers professional advice to create individualized treatment plans that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Topic of workshop:
The Beauty of Chairside Restoration, One Time, One Visit, One Beauty

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