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Missions of APDF / APRO

  • Enroll all National Dental Association in the Asia Pacific region, irrespective of size, as members of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation / Asia Pacific Regional Organization (APDF / APRO)
  • Recommend Policies and Programmes for the promotion of good oral health, continuing dental education and advancement of dental education
  • Develop resources for dental education and the promotion of oral health
  • Conduct activities and continuing dental education programmes in order to upgrade the quality of dentistry in the region
  • Develop the International College of Continuing Dental Education (ICCDE) as the APDF / APRO’s integral and effective educational component of APDF / APRO
  • Seek cooperation with industry in oral health and dental education
  • Ensure that all national dental associations are equal members in the Federation / Regional Organization

APDF 2022 – 2023 Executive Officers


Dr. Mahmood SHAH (Pakistan)

President – Elect

Dr. Nelson WONG (Hong Kong)

Secretary – General

Dr. Fernando FERNANDEZ (Philippines)


Dr. Chun-chieh YANG (Chinese Taipei)

Chairman ICCDE

Dr. Jeffrey TSANG (Hong Kong)

APDF 2022 – 2023 Council Officers

Vice President

Dr. Spencer CHAN (Hong Kong)
Dr. Kelvin CHYE (Singapore)
Prof. Chia-tze KAO (Chinese Taipei)
Prof. Nasir Ali KHAN (Pakistan)
Dr. Seung-mok NA (Korea)

Immediate Past President

Dr. Suresh SHANMUGANATHAN (Sri Lanka)

Secretary General Emeritus

Dr. Oliver HENNEDIGE (Singpapore)


Dr. Bhagwant SINGH (India)

Defence Forces Dentistry Commission Chairman

AVM(Ret) Dr. Asoka AMUNUGAMA (Sri Lanka)

Dental Education Commission Chairman

Dr. Arleen REYES (Philippines)

Dental Public Health Commission Chairman

Dr. Hyunjong KIM (Korea)

General Dental Practice Commission Chairman

Dr. Sudin SHAKYA (Nepal)

Oral Diseases Commission Chairman

Dr. Anwar SAEED (Pakistan)

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