Dr. Kazunori Ikebe is a Professor and Chair, Department of Prosthodontics, Gerodontology and Oral Rehabilitation, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry. He is an experienced dental researcher in geriatric dentistry and prosthodontics. His epidemiological and clinical research on geriatric dentistry encompasses a wide range of oral conditions, such as masticatory disorder and dry mouth, and relationships between oral health and general condition, and oral-health-related quality of life.

Ikebe is perhaps best known for his work from the SONIC (Septuagenarians, Octogenarians, Nonagenarians Investigation with Centenarians) Study, with which he has been associated since 2010. This is a multidisciplinary research project focused on the health and longevity of older Japanese; it is conducted not only by dentists but also geriatric physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, and sociologists in Osaka University. He has published 150 original articles and 6 review articles in English.

Ikebe has been honoured with the International Association for Dental Research, Distinguished Scientist Award for Geriatric Oral Research in March, 2015.

Comprehensive Approach to Health and Longevity by the Team of Psychologists, Sociologists, Geriatrics Physicians, Nutritionists and Dentists.

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