Professor Schwendicke is Professor and Head of the Department of Oral Diagnostics, Digital Health and Health Services Research. Falk’s research focus is on data-driven dentistry, including AI, as well as dental diagnostics, cariology and restorative dentistry, preventive and public health. He has authored over 300 articles, edited various books and provided over 20 book chapters on a range of issues. He leads the topic group AI for Dental Health at the WHO/ITU, presides over the German Association for AI in Dentistry and is advisor for numerous bodies like FDI on AI for dental applications.

Falk was awarded a range of prestigious awards, among them the Basil Bibby and Lion Award of the IADR, as well as the David Sackett Award of the German Network for Evidence-based Medicine. He serves as Associate Editor of the number 1 dental journal, the Journal of Dental Research. His work on AI for dental imagery analysis led to the first dental Charité spin-off, dentalXrai Ltd.

Artificial Intelligence for Dental Diagnostics: Hype or Chance?

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