Atsuo Amano, D.D.S., Ph.D., is Professor and Chair of Department of Preventive Dentistry in the Graduate School of Dentistry of Osaka University. A cum laude graduate of Osaka University School of Dentistry in 1984, and received a Ph.D from Osaka University in 1990. He served as a post-doctoral fellow at the State University of New York for two years from 1992, and was appointed as Associate Professor of Division of Special Care Dentistry of Osaka University Dental Hospital in 1997. He promoted to Professor of Department of Oral Biology in 2000 and moved to Professor of Preventive Dentistry in 2011. He served as Dean of Graduate School of Dentistry of Osaka University for 4 years from 2015, and was appointed President of the Japanese Society for Oral Health in 2021.

He has worked for 37 years on basic and clinical studies that have helped in understanding causes, prevention and treatment of oral diseases. He has published 186 original articles (169 in English, 31 in Japanese) including Nature and Science and 104 review articles (31 in English, 73 in Japanese), and has also contributed to 26 books (3 in English, 23 in Japanese).

Latest Eiology of Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease for Special Care Dentistry

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